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First Quarter 2018

We hope you had a festive break and return refreshed to see what the new year has in store for the insurance industry.

As the credit cycle grows long in the tooth, will 2018 bring a new reflationary paradigm? Or like Samuel Beckett’s seminal play, will the insurance industry find itself waiting interminably for Godot to arrive?

The only certainty for 2018 is uncertainty. Reading the tea leaves may be hard, but we also know that the flux that has typified insurers’ approach to investments is set to continue. Earning volatility, adequate returns on capital and profitability must all still be managed and that means thinking outside the box once again, whether it be frameworks, structures or assets. In 2018, the Insurance Investment Exchange will explore the theme of Waiting for Godot across the insurance landscape from the macroeconomic environment through to investment strategy through to implications for asset allocation and capital efficiency.

As our community’s needs and challenges evolve, the Insurance Investment Exchange is also changing alongside in 2018. This year, in addition to our quarterly seminars, we will host regular more intimate roundtables that dive into specific topics of interest identified by the community in greater depth and encourage an involved debate.

Please click here to register your interest for events and apply for membership of the Insurance Investment Exchange if you are not already so. Please note membership of the Insurance Investment Exchange is complimentary for insurers, regulators, policymakers and industry bodies. Independents and select others are considered on a case by case basis. Asset managers, service providers and others interested in sponsorship opportunities should contact the sales team.

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