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Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future

Ghosts of Christmas Past Present and Future
Posted November 1, 2017

The investment landscape for 2018 is already looking intriguingly different to almost any year since the great financial crisis (GFC) nailed interest rates to the floor and introduced us to quantitative easing. Indeed, it could come to be seen as the real start of a post-GFC era.

The financial markets, and with them investment returns, negotiated the many political hazards that lay before them this time last year. Populism is still on the march but it hasn’t been as rampant as was once feared. Yes, the Dutch, Germans and Austrians are still trying to glue together viable coalitions that may yet pull those government farther to the populist right, but the leading lights in those governments are going to be people the markets feel comfortable with.

President Macron talks a reassuring game but has yet to demonstrate that his government and Parliament of political novices can deliver the much-needed economic reforms he has promised France. He remains one of those uncertainties we have learnt to live with.

Brexit and Trump also remain key uncertainties but are now very much “known uncertainties”. Spain and its rebellious Catalonians have added to the uncertainty in Europe but, so far, haven’t disturbed the markets unduly.

This is the geo-political background to the Insurance Investment Exchange’s final seminar of the year Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future which takes place on 29 November at Etc Venues St Paul’s, in Aldersgate.

A range of expert speakers will pick over some of the key events that have influenced insurance investment managers’ strategies over the last year but then will fix their eyes firmly on the future and ask “What does 2018 hold?”

There will be a chance to hear about the likely regulatory changes, the fall-out from Brexit, the prospects for interest rates and QE as well opportunities to get to grips with some of the most promising asset classes for 2018 in the break-out sessions.

This morning will be led by a range of expert speakers but there will plenty of opportunity for the audience to put their views, challenge the speakers, ask them questions and join in the interactive voting on the key issues.

The audience polling at the last seminar in September showed the first significant change in attitude towards the relentless quest for yield since the Insurance Investment Exchange seminars started four years ago. Has that change in mood been sustained through the autumn and will it become one of the talking points of 2018? Come along and find out for yourself.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to gain key insights into what 2018 might hold.

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