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Winning an Insurance Investment Exchange Award could be the start of a great story

Posted January 16, 2017

The inaugural Insurance Investment Exchange Awards aim to shine the spotlight on a vital function and group of people that are absolutely central to the success of the insurance industry but all too frequently sit in the background.

Winning an award is not merely an end itself. It should be seen as the start of an exciting new chapter. The third party endorsement that winning an Insurance Investment Exchange Award will bring will raise your team’s profile internally and externally, helping you attract top quality staff, forge new relationships with clients and take your rightful place as part of your firm’s success story.

So, how do you get those award-winning benefits?

First and most obvious in the old mantra: “You have got to be in it to win it”. So, start thinking about your entry now and make sure you get in in by the new deadline of 27 January.

Second, tell your story succinctly and with passion, backed up with hard facts and evidence, not marketing hyperbole. The judges will quickly see through flowery language that isn’t supported by good quality evidence. If necessary, put the key points in a bullet point list as the judges won’t be marking you for your glowing prose.

Third, address the criteria. The criteria for these awards are short and simple but contain key phrases that highlight what the judges will be looking for so make sure every entry addresses those key points.

Entries that grab the judges’ attention talk honestly about achievements, how they are measured and how they match up to the objectives set for a product, team, strategy or firm. Focus on providing supporting data that backs up your story. You have the option to submit three supporting documents with every entry so use these well, perhaps presenting the data as engaging graphics.

Client or senior management testimonials also help reinforce the impact and value of key achievements so consider focusing one of the supporting documents on these.

When telling your story you should ensure you highlight what makes you stand out from your peer group or competitors. Everyone is “customer-focused”, “efficient and delivering value”, “rising to the challenge of regulation” and so on. Ask yourself how are you different? What are your real unique values, achievements and qualities and bring those to the fore as you tell your story.

Finally, trust the judges. They are experienced and knowledgeable and understand your business so don’t waste words on explaining the obvious. You can also trust them with confidential data because nothing will go beyond the panel or be published without first seeking your permission.

The entries only require 500 words. That isn’t too onerous but it is more than adequate to get your message across. This article is just 500 words long but, hopefully, has got its key points across effectively.

Winning an Insurance Investment Exchange Award would be an achievement in itself but it could also be the start of a great new story.

For further information and to submit your entry, click here.

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